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smoothie grid 2

Hey loves, I’ve been out here making smoothies/smoothie bowls and I thought it was about time I put up this smoothie/smoothie bowl guide as requested by a bunch of you. I have to say that this is how I do it and it may or may not be different from other people. This guide is basically how I make my smoothies and I don’t necessarily follow all the steps all the time. I make a smoothie depending on my needs. Sometimes I can do greens only, fruits only or just fruits and a power boost. Sometimes I blend stuff up and pour into my oatmeal and mix it up for breakfast, sometimes I go crazy on the toppings and some days I don’t do any toppings at all. The pictures below are some of the smoothies/smoothie bowls I really love and end up making most of the time.

Banana smoothie bowl

Mango Sunrise

Tropical mango

Hope this was helpful. You can let me know some of your favorite smoothie/smoothie bowl combinations and if you would like even more smoothies/smoothie bowl combinations from me.

As always, thank you for reading!







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