rue 104

What a lovely surprise it was to walk in to Rue 104 Lounge and Restaurant and take in the lovely atmosphere that became of campia ethiopian restaurant. I have been walking into the Campia doors for so many years for my favorite ethiopian dish- Keywot. It’s one of the most common stews served with Injera. The injera is layered on a flat plate/sinia and the keywot is put on top of the injera, at the centre. The stew is served in a bowl and you can choose to eat it from the bowl or pour it on the Injera. Cutting pieces of the injera to scoop the stew with your hand . Keywot is spicy Ethiopian beef stew. Most people I know love the mixed dishes but I go for the meat dishes most of the time and spicy for that matter.

Rue 104 Lounge and Restaurant is now serving a lot more than ethiopian food. It has been revamped in the best way possible to cater to everyone including the children. A beautifully placed and calming lounge and an aesthetically pleasing restaurant with room for a bar which will still see me walking through those doors for years to come.

#Directions to Rue 104 lounge and restaurant

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rue 104 lounge

rue 104 lounge and restaurant


rue 104 restaurant and lounge




keywot and injera

ethiopian food

rue 104 bar





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